Sommelier AIS – Responsabile Amministrativo

Simona, as she seems, is both determined and elegant. We first met while attending a lesson (a course) held by the Italian Sommelier Association (ISA) and, I discovered that she was a person of great skill and competence. In a short time we found our affinities within the wine field and more. The passion for wine has united us through similar tastes although we come from different backgrounds. She has dined at the most important “starred” restaurants, understands and appreciates great Tuscan wine labels and more. She enjoys elegant and chic environments where she feels at home; but at the same time is comfortable moving around wine cellars and vineyards in search of goodies and gems for “The Wine-Setter” . Why has she just become my (business) partner? Because of an astral affinity, a common view about things and the passion for wine.


Sommelier AIS – Imprenditore Settore Food

Nice is a volcano, an explosion of optimism. We met while attending a course held by the Italian Sommelier Association (ISA) and the first thing that struck me were her eyes, curious and smart that would light up with passion while talking about wine. Nice is an intelligent, generous and elegant person, and above all, wiser than most people I have ever met. Her enthusiasm rubs off on you; that brilliant and never excessive sarcasm that is always thankful in cases of panic. Why has she just become my (business) partner? Because of an astral affinity, a common view about things and the passion for wine.

The winesetter project

Let’s talk about an infinite passion for the whole wine world. We are neither the first nor the last to talk about this nectar of the Gods and of all that revolves around it, but our intention is to convey to all those who will read our passion for wine in the easiest language that we can.

We will let you know the wineries of our Tuscany and more. From the smallest to the biggest wine producers. We will choose together your wine , the Winesetter of your evening with your love , your friends, your family and even alone. Because there is nothing more relaxing , after a long day in this hectic life , to unplug your ” Wine” , listening hopefully to your favorite song, the Wine will be the friend of that evening.

Do not hesitate to contact us for visiting the cellar , organizing events, and if you wish you can benefit from our menu ideas and moreover to the need of a sommelier at home.



Simona (sommelier AIS) +39 338 5817858
Nica (sommelier AIS) +39 334 1646326

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